Basic Hyperbel knowledge

Computerdarstellung des Hyperbolischen Kegels und der Raumspirale

How does water want to be moved?
Certainly not in straightened rivers or in straight, cylindrical pipes.

The Austrian water scientist Viktor Schauberger (1885 - 1958) was already convinced of this. In the 1950s he designed with his son Walter uniquely wound water pipes (Wendel tubes).

Walter Schauberger, a physicist and formerly an environmental activist, was particularly interested in the teachings of Pythagoras and Johannes Kepler in his further research. They were convinced that our world and the universe are based on principles of harmony.

Wytor Schauberger Hyperbel funnel
We have managed to produce such hyperbolic Schauberger funnels for personal use. This means that it is also possible in the private area to whirl water in a hyperbolic Schauberger funnel and to thereby to observe the uniquely characteristic, wound shape of the water or of the central air plait.
And: one can taste and sense the difference from the non-whirled water immediately.

Author: Jörg Schauberger, grandson of Viktor Schauberger, Bad Ischl, in June 2006

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