Plant fuel by the company EGM with water, oil and CO2

Pflanzenkraftstoff der Firma EGM aus Wasser, ÖL und CO2

In the end of 2009, Fritz Howar has heard from the Papenburg fuel, in which by swirling a diesel fuel similar originated from water, canola oil and CO2, which was tested in a 250kW CHP. Test reports from engineering firms were inspected and examined the heat output of the CHP with this fuel.

The measurement report can be found on the website of the company EGM. (Measurement report of the engineering company Zech from 4.11.2009)

Even 20 years ago, we conducted our own experiments with burning vegetable oil and water mist. The use of vegetable oil in a 60-hp diesel engine with a metered supply of water mist over the air intake pipe was successful.
Pflanzenkraftstoff der Firma EGM aus Wasser, ÖL und CO2
Our study of Schauberger vortex technologies and the acquisition of a hyperbolic funnel led us in the winter 2010 to undertake corresponding own attempts to "Papenburg fuel". The hyperbolic funnel was placed with the holding rack in a large plastic container. The liquid was taken from the side of the vessel and transported into the hopper. In order to increase the pressure, the funnel was sealed at the top with a Plexiglas plate and an annular rubber bead. The delivery took place via a port in the Plexiglas plate. We have increased the pressure to 0.5 bar maximum. The centrifugal pump was operated with a 12V battery. The current was 400mA.

With the addition of CO2 and surfactants, we were able to produce emulsion which remained stable for hours.

Then we conducted firing tests by using an open flame. We then tested the suspension in a 1-kW diesel generator. Maximum we mixed 4 parts water to one part canola oil. However, the single-cylinder diesel engine did not run to our satisfaction. There was a lot of blue smoke.

Maybe an adjustment at the motor would have shown better combustion and a more stable running behavior of the engine.

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