Rauber copper Hyperbel

The natural whirl movement of the Rauber copper Hyperbel gives back to the water its building powers as a food. Furthermore, it breaks down pollutants in the water and brings in additional oxygen and carbon acid and does so at a minimum energy use.

Effects observed

  • Green and thread algae are reduced to a natural level.
  • Water hazing from brown algae disappears.
  • The oxygen supply of the fish improves.
  • Irrigation plants require about 30% less water.

Other designs on request.


Prices strongly dependent on the copper price over the year.

Funnel with tangential inlet
205 mm 335 mm 415 mm 540 mm
Sales price incl. 7.7% VAT CHF 340.-- CHF 440.-- CHF 540.-- CHF 800.--
Export On request
Postage and shipment cost share for 1 unit
Switzerland Ø 205mm + Ø 335mm
CHF 15.--
  Ø 415mm + Ø 540mm CHF 20.--
Abroad On request


Form of payment
Switzerland Cash payment or invoice
EU area
Down payment
Other countries
On request


Funnel mass

Funnel Size 205er 335er 415er 540er
Inner diameter above D [mm] 202 335 412 538
Diameter of the outlet d1 [mm] 17 24 29 38
Outside diameter soldering point d2 [mm] 37 56 63 79
Funnel length total L [mm] 210 330 365 520
Vertical wall height b [mm] 55 65 70 95
Wide beading s [mm] 8-10 10-12 8-14 15-20
Recommended flow rate [l/h] 1000 2500 4000 10000

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