Wytor copper Hyperbel large

For the production of remedies and for tests.

Wytor Acryl-Hyperbel - Swiss Made

Well informed: Studies and field tests reveal remarkable results by the usage of the Wytor copper Hyperbel large. We at Wytor AG know the details from our own experience. Ask us.

The materials used for Hyperbel and funnel are true to foods.

Dimensions of the Wytor copper Hyperbel large
100 cm
Diameter of the Hyperbel 50 cm


Scope of delivery
Copper Hyperbel and cleaning brushes
Collection price
CHF 3300.--, incl. 8.1% VAT, excl. cost of delivery
Export On request
Form of payment
Cash or prepayment
Delivery Switzerland
CHF 50.--
Delivery other countries
On a time and expansion basis

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